LED Fényszoró Vision X Transporter CTL-TPX1840

LED Fényszoró Vision X Transporter CTL-TPX1840

Vision X Transporter CTL-TPX1840  Accessory Lighting - LED Light Vision X Brand  Vision X CTL-TPX1840 - 6 Inch Transporter Xtreme - Wide Beam - 18 LEDs

LED Scheinwerfer Arbeitsscheiwerfer der Vision X Transporter-Serie

Model: CTL-TPX1840
90 Watt-Modell mit 18 5 Watt-LED
Gehäusedurchmesser:  170,4 mm
Tiefe 116,1 mm
Befestigung erfolgt seitlich
Lieferung 1 Stück

Optional extra in verschiedenfarbige Polykarbonataufsätze, die zum Schutz der Scheinwerfer oder für bessere Sicht unter schwierigen Umweltbedingungen. Abstrahlwinkel 40°, Referenzzahl 27,5.

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Fits:Vision X CTL-TPX1840 - 6 Inch Transporter Xtreme - Wide Beam - 18 LEDs

Brand:Vision X

Part Number:CTL-TPX1840

About the 6.7″ Transporter
The Transporter Series is most commonly used for long-haul commercial trucking due to its long distance illumination, smooth and balanced beam pattern, and durability in even the most extreme driving conditions. The Transporter is also available in multiple LED configurations to fit all of your lighting needs.

LED Intensity
Since the Transporter was first launched, it has held the title of “Most Raw Lumens per LED”, emitting nearly 500 raw lumens per LED. The Transporter is unmatched in terms of effective power and performance.

Prime Drive Technology
Vision X Lighting provides Prime Drive Technology which controls temperature and dimming on your LED light. This technology allows you the ability to vary the intervals at which the LEDs turn on and off, effectively lowering the temperature and increasing the lifespan of the light.